Refurbishing your building not only enhances the appearance but also gives the opportunity to upgrade insulation value. This can be achieved by internal or external insulation.

We can survey your building and work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Over Sheeting
Over sheeting is an alternative to removing your existing roof. The existing roof remains in place, a spacer bar is fixed directly onto the existing roof to support the new roof covering and insulation can be added. There are little or no disturbances to daily activities to our client.

Strip and Resheet
Replaces the existing covering this is more common where there has been accidental damage or the client wants asbestos cement removed.

Roof light replacement
Can transform a darken building into a light airy place of work, returning natural daylight therefore reducing energy bills. These works have little or no disturbances to daily activities to our client.

Guttering and rain water goods
Is a crucial part of keeping a building weather tight preventing premature erosion. Removing existing guttering and installing new is one option, however gutters can be lined once cleaned and treated. One method is using a liquid membrane painted directly into the gutter, another option is to install a seamless gutter lining system which is manufactured in one piece to the length of the building to eliminate troublesome gutter joints.

Internal Lining
Older buildings were mainly constructed using plasterboard which are easily damaged and discolour. These can be easily removed and replaced with a metal white enamel panel enhancing light reflection and giving a modern appearance. Additional insulation can be added.

End Lap Refurbishment
Metal sheets can be treated if detected. Rusting sheets laps cause aggressive corrosion and if neglected can destroy the weather seal. Treatment prevents a costly roof replacement. Giromax seamless coating approved by King Span is a treatment specially developed to form a strong and flexible seal.

Internal Partition Walls
Can easily divide a large building into several multi use units using lightweight steel framework and white steel enamel panels insulated to meet building regulations these works can be done quickly and usually require no foundations.